• November 19, 2014
  • This year’s huge shrimp sale is Dec. 1-13. Only the highest quality USA Gulf Shrimp are here in bulk and ready to go at the year’s very best prices. Here is the pricing starting December 1: Med/Lg 36/42 ct.5lbs. 33.952lbs. 14.95 Large 31/35 ct.5 lbs. 39.952 lbs. 16.95 Extra Large 26/30 ct.5 lbs. 44.952 lbs. [...]

  • Bulk Meats

Not everyone wants to buy just a little bit at a time. And some people want to take their meat home ready for the freezer and not think about it for a while. In addition to our massive fresh meat case, where we have fresh cuts and grinds prepared by the hour, The Butcher Shoppe can accommodate your bulk packed, frozen meat needs. We have 4 frozen meat bundles that are ready to go when you want them.


Variety Pack $285
(beef, pork, sausage, chicken, hot dogs)

Junior Variety Pack $165
(beef, pork, sausage, chicken, hot dogs)

Beef Bundle $305
(all beef)

Pork Bundle $89 
(all pork)

Grilling Bundle $110
(steak, chops, sausage, burgers, hot dogs)

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