Why choose The Butcher Shoppe for all your fresh grill meats and veggies?
One of our top priorities next to excellent customer service is our product quality and care. We take pride in providing a full-service meat counter, where we stock daily the freshest cuts and grounds of meat.
If you're looking for ground beef, choose from multiple fat-grades that are ground multiple times each day to meet our customer's needs. Don't feel like making your own burger patties? We also form the same ground meats into pre-portioned patties ready and waiting for the grill!
If you're looking for a steak, we have over a dozen different cuts to choose from! We receive cry-o-vacuumed fresh meat in bulk, and we cut each steak to our specifications (or YOURS) every day to provide the freshest selection.
The list goes on, including store-made sausage, fresh pork, ham, and more! Stop in and pay our meat counter a visit this summer!