So, how did this whole operation get started? Let’s start at the beginning, when Kenneth Foust and Glenn Koons formed a partnership in 1957. Built on a solid foundation of good leadership and integrity, the original “Kennie’s Market” building still stands at the corner of Scotland Road and Roland Avenue. It was here that Mr. Koons and his wife Lorraine assumed full ownership of the company in 1964, renamed it Scotland Road Market, and incorporated in 1968. Mr. and Mrs. Koons made a bold move in 1977, opening a second location on Stouffer Avenue in Chambersburg. This location houses our current operation and has been called The Butcher Shoppe ever since. Due to the growth of The Butcher Shoppe, the original Scotland Road Market was closed in 1980 and efforts were concentrated to build The Butcher Shoppe into what you see today. The name Scotland Road Market, Inc., however, is still attached to the corporation.

The Butcher Shoppe has expanded several times since its conception under the leadership of Mr. and Mrs. Koons, their son, Terry Koons, daughter, Mary Sue Keath, and her husband, Frank Keath. In mid-2006, Mr. and Mrs. Keath purchased all shares of the company to assume sole ownership. Frank and Mary Sue retired in 2017, and the store’s ownership transferred to their daughter, Anne Schoenhofen and her husband, Leo. As the third generation of ownership, the Schoenhofen family continues to honor the mission and business principles created by Anne’s parents and the founders, Anne’s grandparents.