1 Roast Beef


Cook the roast uncovered in a shallow baking dish for 24 hours. Cook at 250 degrees for the first hour. Cook at 150 degrees for the next 22-1/2 hours, and cook at 250 degrees for the last half hour before serving. This will work for any medium to large sized roast. Don’t worry, it will be done! Trim before serving and keep warm after slicing. If you have enough drippings – simply add piping hot water for beef au jus.

Helpful Hint:
A large boneless roast works best. The best choice would be a well marbled rolled rib roast or a rolled rump roast with suet – other boneless cuts could be substituted. It’s so good. Figure almost a pound per adult serving. The secret is in the cooking – start today so you can have roast beef tomorrow.

Recipe courtesy of The Butcher Shoppe.