4 Ripe Avocados
8 oz. Garden Fresh Salsa
1-9 oz. bag Tortilla Chips


Prep: 5 mins
Serves: 4-8

Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Mix thoroughly and serve.

Helpful Tips:
For variations, add some of the following ingredients: black beans, cucumbers, hot peppers, green onions, bell peppers, tomatillos, etc. Be creative!

To keep the guacamole from browning in the refrigerator, press plastic wrap firmly over the surface of the guacamole. Smooth out any folds in the wrap to prevent air from reaching the guacamole (Air is what causes the browning.). Stir thoroughly before serving. The dip will still be green underneath even if the top has browned slightly. Stirring will make any discoloration less noticeable.

Enjoy as a dip for chips, as a topping for sandwiches and salads, or as a garnish for your favorite Mexican foods.

Recipe courtesy of The Butcher Shoppe